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UX Manager Graham Ayre

Nintendo CMS


Content editors are struggling to make quick changes to web pages in the current CMS with a high number of user errors being reported.


Run a 5 day design sprint workshop to uncover issues in the existing CMS platform and formulate proposed design solutions.

5 day design sprint process

Day 1

  • Review existing platform
  • Identify Users & Stakeholder(s)
  • Map out questions to help understand limitations, complexities and opportunities.
  • Stakeholder Kick-off Meeting

Day 2

  • Benchmark Research
  • How Might We ideation
  • Map out new architecture based on user focused tasks

Day 3

  • Solution Sketching
  • Developer / Peer / Stakeholder Review
  • Branded Wireframes

Day 4

  • UI styleguide creation
  • Prototype creation for User Testing with existing & new users
  • Collaboration with Dev team to begin implementing framework & identifying component tracking requirements

Day 5

  • Analyse Testing
  • Refine Design
  • Plan a support calendar for reviewing development milestones

Identified Issues:

  • Users had to navigate a number of pages that sat in different sections of the UI in order to make changes to a single webpage.
  • System lacked intuitive controls resulting in all new users needing to go on a 5 day training course.
  • Users were unable to see their changes untill they pushed a publish action which would take a considerable amount of time to run.


A simplified widget based solution was created in a 'what you see is what you get' style interface. Users could immediately see their changes before publishing which would reduce labour time and result in more focus on content creation. A integrated help section personalised to each screen allowed the system to be used by external third party content editors, moving closer to the end goal of selling the CMS platform as a global product.