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UX Manager Graham Ayre

Graham Ayre UX Design Manager

" It's not all about the tools a designer uses that makes them good at their profession, it's more about their experience, research and the methods they use to help solve issues and improve experiences. "

My theory behind UX

Hi, my name is Graham and I have been designing digital experiences for over 20 years. Since I graduated University I have had varying thoughts in how to measure improvement in design. When I first started designing for digital, I would see aesthetics as the wow factor, and instantly accommodate that aspect as an improvement to a design. After many years designing, my interpretation in seeing improvements in design changed dramatically. I now judge improvements by asking myself, has this saved time for a user? If it has simplified a process, or simply made a task much easier to understand and react to, then this saves us all time. I see this as the funamental theory of UX.

Good design, saves time

Whether it’s the colour of buttons instantly giving an instinctive action, or having less noise on a page to help a user complete a task sooner. It all saves a user time. Previous A/B testing has helped me understand that it’s not always down to simplicity in design, but more clarity. Clarity will ensure a user will flow from A to B quickly and easily, where as a simplistic design doesn’t necessarily mean the content is easily understood by a user.

Sharing is Caring

Lets face it, we all learn from others in life and I have always been grateful of my tutors throughout my education who believed in me and coached me to learn new and wonderful skills. Since then I have grown to a level I belive I can help others, and so through my Leadership and Management career I have nurtured designers to build out their knowledge and approach in their subect matter and develop areas that they lacked confidence in or once feared. Throughout my career I have gained knowledge from attending UX conferences, workshops and reading books. Here area a few of my favourite UX and leadership topics...

analytics data analysis

'Don't Make Me Think'

by Steve Krug

This book helped change my perspective in seeing good design, explaining the pricipals of intuitive UX.

Conversations worth having book

'Conversations Worth Having'

by Jackie Stavros + Cheri Torres

A great book focusing on appreciative inquiry to strengthen relationships in Leadership as well as in life.

Dare to Lead book

'Dare to Lead'

by Brené Brown

Explains how Leadership is not about having power over others, but recognising the potential in people & ideas to develop them.

my leisure time

I have always had a keen interest in solving problems since high school. Nowadays in my spare time I keep active with diy projects, playing with my children and paper crafts. I also enjoy playing tennis, golf and basketball a well as online strategy games with friends. Here is a little more about me...

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