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UX Manager Graham Ayre

Account Credit Design Sprint


Existing customers are struggling to checkout when using their accrued account credit.


Run a 5 day design sprint workshop to identify the issues in the existing implementation of the credit payment flow and formulate proposed design solutions.

5 day design sprint process

Day 1

  • Review current implementation
  • Identify Issues (Internal testing)
  • Requirements/Data Gathering
  • Stakeholder Kick-off Meeting

Day 2

  • Benchmark Research
  • How Might We
  • Identify Research Topics

Day 3

  • Crazy 8's
  • Ideas Sketching
  • Developer / Peer / Stakeholder Review
  • Hi-Fi Mocks

Day 4

  • Prototype
  • User Test

Day 5

  • Analyse Testing
  • Refine Design
  • Plan Actions
  • Document Feature

Identified Issues:

  • Auto applying credit to the users order removed specific payment options such as Klarna.
  • No feasible way to add credit back onto a order if it had been removed.
  • Credit message resembles a error message as opposed to a notification message.


Klarna payment option remains on screen but disabled when credit is applied to an order with a supporting message to explain why the payment option isn't available. The application of credit is located closer to the payment section in order for the user to relate the method as a reduction in order value. Treating credit as a add or remove action with added content to educate the user on how to accumulate credit.