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UX Manager Graham Ayre

accessible responsive survey

  • Survey intro (improved anonymity messaging) Accessible engagement survey intro
  • 7 question scale Responsive engagement survey 7 question scale
  • Employment group multi-select engagement survey multi select

Project overview

  • Responsive survey design
  • Accessibility (tested with online tools including screen reader technology)
  • HTML & CSS coding
  • Usability improvements


I was delighted to be given the opportunity to redesign a world-class employee engagement survey. After reviewing the existing survey, I identified essential improvements needed to be considered for optimising the survey for different screen sizes, updating the design and code to be accessible, and improve the layout of questions for a easier user flow.

The Solution

I created a responsive redesign of the survey with focus on the mobile and tablet design treatment. On most tablet sizes, each page was designed to fit each screen with either no or limited scrolling. For the mobile treatment, the survey was coded to render in the landscape format to gain the most out of the screen real estate this format had to offer. This allowed each question to be shown individually with consistent forward and back button locations for speed of task completion. Colour contrast, large touch points, readable font sizes, and accessible code optimisation was implemented in the final proposition to make the survey accessible to the blind or visually impaired. The redesign was tested using online accessibility evaluation tools as well as the commonly used JAWS screen reader. Usability improvements also included improved messaging of anonymity assurance, and quicker employment group selection by implementing a multi-select form field.