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UX Manager Graham Ayre

A/B testing

  • A/B optimisation testing

Project overview


Eurocamp continually strived to maintain its forefront position as the leading camping holiday company in Europe. This allowed it to push itself in every aspect of its business, and with digital sales rocketing across the travel industry, I was delighted to be part of the team to improve its online booking system. My first optimisation task was to improve the conversion of the travel booking section of the website. The original design was split into 3-4 screens that felt disjointed and time consuming for a user to progress through. Working with developers to understand the possibilities for what the third party ferry web services entailed, I came up with a wireframe proposal to encompass all screens as one single screen. After a successful prototype was created, I designed the page with consideration of marketing requirements. Drop off from this page improved by 6%, but it was clear there was still a blocker after analysing traffic data and performing user testing. Going back to the drawing board, we identified the shear amount of noise on the initial travel screen was a possible hindrance to the user. We decided to do a split test, with an alternative route having no marketing messages and just two simple options for the user to choose from. From A/B testing the scenarios, the simplified page resulted in a further 6% improvement for people proceeding beyond the travel section of the booking process.

More A/B optimisation tests are underway with the Eurocamp website, fully utilising Optimizely software to further improve online conversion. Keep your eyes peeled for more user experience improvements to come.

The Result

The first optimisation task of simplifying the booking of travel resulted in a 6% increase in traffic progressing beyond the travel step. Further A/B testing for simplifying the intro page of travel, improved conversion by reducing blockers in the online booking funnel, resulting in a further 6% improvement.