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UX Manager Graham Ayre

Fresh User Centered Design

Nintendo CMS design sprint

Nintendo CMS

Client: Nintendo
  • Design Sprint
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototype user testing
UX iterative design process

Checkout Conversion

Client: The Hut Group
  • Iterative design process
  • Data & user led design
  • A/B & User testing
Travel Supermarket Website Journey Design Sprint

User Journey

Client: Travel Supermarket
  • Design Sprint
  • Prototyping
  • User testing
A/B scenario testing

A/B testing

Client: Eurocamp
  • Optimisation & Conversion
  • User experience
  • User interface design
Eurocamp responsive website

Responsive website

Client: Eurocamp
  • Component driven cms
  • User experience & testing
  • Responsive UI design
Accessible responsive online survey

Accessible Survey

Client: N/A
  • Accessible user interface
  • Responsive design
  • Optimised for touch
  • Optimised for pagespeed
Account Credit Design Sprint

Account Credit

Client: The Hut Group
  • Design Sprint
  • Prototyping
  • User testing
Branding and logo design Chester


Client: Various
  • Corprate stationery
  • Website & email design
  • Logo design & branding

User Experience Design Manager Graham AyreHi, I'm Graham, I live and play in Tarporley UK designing digital experiences for the past 20 years. My interest in problem solving started when I was a young nipper and since then I have focused lots of care and attention to crafting products and experiences that are useful, useable and some say delightful at times. My career started in web design and progressed into UX design which involved deeper understanding of user needs through research and testing. I have been fortunate to create and optimise experiences for top B2C and B2B sector companies within retail, tourism and cyber security.

With a Degree in Design along with knowledge learnt in front end code and accessibility, these topics have contributed to me becoming comprehensive in the field of User Centered Design. I have experience exploring the full spectrum of UX, from research, wire framing and prototyping, to user testing, A/B testing and data analysis. I get immense thrill in measuring the impact a design has on it's end users, and find all product team players gain value from knowing their hard work makes a difference. You will find some of these measured successes dotted around my website.

UX Management & Leadership

In the past few years I have focused my attention on mentoring and management, taking leadership courses and learning management techniques from books and pod casts. I currently work at BeyondTrust where I have built a fantastic team of 10 UX designers along with adopting Lean UX methods to increase the efficiency of work to support a duel track agile development cycle.

Another exciting and challenging initiative has been transforming the companies traditional approach of developer led software design to a more user centric process by embracing a test, iterate and retest culture, aligning user needs with business goals. To help my team accomplish this initiative, I created a design process template in Miro that held activities and methodologies which could be utilised to help in the discovery and iteraion phase during projects. This template was used in the running of product workshops for each project undertook, ensuring developers, Product Owners and Product Managers have equal contribution and engagement in the full product lifecycle. Such areas of the template included defining the problem and vision, formulating measures of success, running collabrative ideation sessions, including participation for viewing user tests, along with technical feasibility checks whilst iterating to a end solution.

A selection of clients I have worked with