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UX/UI Designer Graham Ayre

Web Site Guidance

Project summary

Guidance & direction provided for:

  • Visual design & branding
  • Navigation refinement (using card sorting)
  • Pagespeed optimisation (targeting page weight, http requests & load time)


I was tasked to review a third-party solution for a new website at Best Companies. After writing a review of the implementation of the project, I was then asked to provide guidance in terms of branding design, motion and interactive treatments, navigation refinement advice, and code optimisation, all to improve the new website proposition.

the Solution

I created a 'recommendations report' to help guide the thrid-party company to deliver a best in class product. With some of the web pages being over 4mb in weight, the reports focus was the improvement of page load speed. The methods I suggested were utilising g-zip compression, reducing http requests by combining css and scripts, along with various optimisation techniques for images, css and html. Recommendations were also made in refining the navigation of the new web site proposal, initiating hybrid card sorting and reverse card sorting methods to improve the user journey. My report also included visual examples to demonstrate how the design could be changed to adhere more to the existing brand guidelines. I created three concepts to gain an insight into the direction the company wanted to aim for, one being a corporate look, another being a more modern creative approach, and a third was a hybrid of the first two concepts. I ran tests in usability hub to optimise key messages and refine the concepts before presenting to the project leader and the third-party team.

The Result

The report was used to help optimise the web pages along with the hybrid concept being chosen as the visual design approach.

Corporate design concept

Corporate homepage design

Modern design concept

Modern homepage design

Hybrid design concept

Hybrid homepage design