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UX/UI Designer Graham Ayre

Travel Supermarket Website


Uncover issues in the existing user journey and identify proposed design solutions.


Run a 5 day design sprint workshop to identify the issues in the existing user journey & formulate design solutions.

5 day design sprint process

Day 1

  • Review existing journey
  • Write script & run user testing
  • Experience mapping exercise

Day 2

  • Benchmark Research
  • How Might We ideation
  • Crazy 8’s Ideation
  • Ideas Generation

Day 3

  • Solution Sketching
  • Developer/Stakeholder Review

Day 4

  • UI styleguide creation
  • Prototype creation for User Testing
  • User testing

Day 5

  • Analyse Testing
  • Refine design
  • Feature breakdown (identifying mvp)

Identified Issues:

  • Users encountered zero search results due to up front filters reducing availability, complicated taxonomy of destinations, and no clear indication which airports fly to destination.
  • Limited lifestyle filters prevents refining results.
  • Slow loading of results and 3rd party transition page.


Experience mapping of typical user pain-points identified pricing package vs DIY holidays was a common and time consuming task users perform. Combining both holiday types in a single search presents a key USP for the brand.

Moving destination first in search allows unsupported airports to be flagged to user sooner, simplifying the elastic search destination suggestions, and removing filters from the initial search form, all reducing the possibility of user abandonment.

The UI is simplified with focus aligned to the search form and the primary search button placing in the viewport on mobile screen sizes.

➝ View Mobile Prototype