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UX/UI Designer Graham Ayre

Epdetect seizure app

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Project overview


I was approached to support the creation of a new app that would alert a carer that a user is having an epileptic seizure. I wanted to offer my support by also building a website to help launch the revolutionary app.

The Solution

EpDetect is a mobile app to help people that suffer from epilepsy. The app was to detect if a person was having a epileptic seizure, and immediately alert a carer. The functional spec was created, and my task was to design the screen layouts for the OS version of the app. The app entailed a seizure detect screen which would be activated by rigorous motion through the mobile phones accelerometer. The alarm would allow the user to cancel the operation if they were not having a seizure after a number of seconds. If the alarm was not cancelled then it would progress to a seizure underway screen which would automatically send a message to a designated carer sending out the gps location of the user. Further screen designs were required for setting up alternate alert sounds and alert time settings.

The Result

A neat easy to use mobile application with the website presenting the product as a professional trustworthy app to download.