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UX/UI Designer Graham Ayre

Best Companies Page Optimisation

Project summary

Product page identified issues

  • Inconsistent product treatment
  • Abundance of purchase options causing user confusion
  • Text heavy page prevents users making quick decisions

Employee structure identified issues

  • User journey through page disjointed
  • Chart format resulted in users struggling to find, add or move employees

Communications page identified issues

  • Unclear responsibility of tasks
  • Unclear how to flag tasks as complete

Improvments for all pages involved adding additional functionality to improve the user flow, along with refinements in page layouts to help with clarity of information.

Product page optimisation

I was tasked to improve the user flow of the Best Companies product selection page. From reviewing user behaviour and feedback, I identified that the sheer amount of options on the page caused user confusion. The inconsistent layout structure for each product row also contributed to the confusion. My optimised solution was to create product bundles that would be presented in a product matrix structure. The sole intention of the new layout was to simplify the product selection for the user. Hiding long descriptions for each product helped reduce confusion along with the introduction of a one click purchase action.

The Result
Product sales conversion increased by 5.6% in 2016 as compared to the 2015 implementation with 'length of time on page' being reduced by an average of 25%.

Employee structure optimisation

The employee structure page is where clients can add and remove employees of their organisation for the setting up and distribution of engagement surveys. Numerous improvements had been identified for the user flow of this journey with one of the biggest impacts being usability of the chart feature and clarity of how to add or upload employees. The visual above demonstrates a improved employee structure format that lends itself to a wider range of screen sizes as compared to the original format. Explanation and options for how to complete the structure are moved to the top of the screen along with a chart tutorial wizard. The new page also has a search function, visual tally of employees added, allows individuals or teams of employees to be moved across sectors, improved error flagging, and a duel toggle feature to allow editing of employee details in a visual chart, or a online (excel style) table.

The Result
This feature is currently under development and therefore no stats are available to measure the improvements to the user journey.

Communications page optimisation

The survey communications page is where clients can organise the marketing of their employee surveys (i.e. send announcements, reminders ect). The original page was lacking clarity for who sends what communication, and how a task is flagged as 'done'. The new format allows a user to see all actions in a visible display on tablet and desktop sized screens. The page also provides clarity on task times and responsibilities for the user, with the added function of 'flag all tasks as complete'.

The Result
This feature is currently under development and therefore no stats are available to measure the improvements to the user journey. Different formats of the page was tested with targeted users which helped refine the page design.

Original product page

Original product page

Optimised product page

Optimised Product page increased sales conversion

Original employee structure

Original Employee Structure

Optimised employee structure

Optimised Product page increased sales conversion

Original communications page

Original Communications page

Optimised communications page

Optimised communications page