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UX/UI Designer Graham Ayre

Eurocamp holiday finder app

  • eurocamp holiday finder app holiday finder mobile app

Project overview


This particular project was to create a mobile app to encourage and increase holiday bookings for Eurocamp holidays. The project involved initial creative ideas for finding the app’s unique selling point. The ideas were collated and visually presented as storyboards to stakeholders. Once a concept was chosen, I created wireframes which led onto developers writing a functional spec. As the sole intention of the app was to sell holidays, the concept was kept simple, with the choice of a holiday ‘search tool’ or a ‘inspire me’ route which would allow a user to select various activities of interest, and send them to a customised results page. The design of the app screens were kept simple with an inclusion of a comparison tool within the results page to further aid the user in selecting a destination. Touch point sizes, ease of navigation and clarity of content were all considered in the final screen design of the application.