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UX/UI Designer Graham Ayre

Graham Ayre UX/UI Designer

My theory behind UX

Hi, my name is Graham and I have been designing digital experiences for over 14 years. Since I graduated University I have had varying thoughts in how to measure improvement in design. When I first started designing for digital, I would see aesthetics as the wow factor, and instantly accommodate that aspect as an improvement to a design. After many years designing, my interpretation in seeing improvements in design changed dramatically. I now judge improvements by asking myself, has this saved time for a user? If it has simplified a process, or simply made a task much easier to understand and react to, then this saves us all time. I see this as the funamental theory of UX.

Good design, saves time

Whether it’s the colour of buttons instantly giving an instinctive action, or having less noise on a page to help a user complete a task sooner. It all saves a user time. Previous A/B testing has helped me understand that it’s not always down to simplicity in design, but more clarity. Clarity will ensure a user will flow from A to B quickly and easily, where as a simplistic design doesn’t necessarily mean the content is easily understood by a user.

Steve Krug’s book 'Don’t Make Me Think' helped me change my perspective in seeing good design, and I recommend any designer to read and keep this reference as a bible close to their heart. It's not all about the tools a designer uses that makes them good at their profession, it's more about their experience and the methodologies they follow. Here is a little more about me...

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